From the initial idea to the definition of the working mode,

the methodology approach


With mastery and serenity

Transformations impact managerial modes of operation, upset cultural references, modify business processes and practices and take advantage of new technologies, most often against the backdrop of the digital revolution.

Thus arise at all levels of the company (general management, supply chain, logistics, production, maintenance, after-sales service, HR, purchasing, finance, etc.), organizational structuring projects and the structuring of digital resources in link with a global and strategic vision of the company and the organization. The success of these projects is closely linked to the support and commitment of the employees who carry them out, who must imperatively be placed at the heart of the transformation project.

Always better working together, securing project phases and having serene, confident and motivated teams whatever the project. These are the challenges and the difficulties.

Without a project approach, solid and proven, made of practical tools, inscribed in a logic of change management, there is little chance of success.

But sometimes the project gets stuck…

From the goal of making the organization always more agile, flexible, strengthened and happy to succeed in what it undertakes, projects sometimes block themselves.

When you start an organizational structuring project that will have an impact, or not, on IS and digital, we often have “worker ants” who are very motivated. Each contributor brings its energy to the project, its motivation, its experience, lots of things are done, people don’t count their time…

The project can become tense, exhausted. We can’t keep to deadlines, the atmosphere is deteriorating, costs are slipping, we sometimes replace people and the results are not up to expectations. There are many back and forth, we can no longer say very well what is the need, what is the objective, who drives the project, who must decide, the project is stationary and can come to seize up completely.

I possible

to put a project back on track ?

However, it is easy to make these projects truly collective successes.

We just need to put a little oil in the cogs at the right time by bringing good working and animation methods, good tools, to reassure and give the best of ourselves.

Anticipation and preparation are key and it is then throughout the project that some piloting techniques must be applied wisely.

The company Evolessi Conseil draws its reason for being from the desire to learn constantly, to improve and to make its customers succeed. She has thus developed an infallible approach to succeed in transformation projects, made up of quantities of simple and effective tools, which can be transposed to your context and reusable later on your future projects.



From the need to transform to the realization of real transformation projects, there is only one step.
Your organization will be reactive, flexible, agile if it has the right level of structure,
the right tools and the seeds of a good mindset within teams.
Evolessi Conseil supports you in your spirit of conquest.

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