The vocation of Evolessi Conseil

is to support its customers in the
to bring them to life and  to make them real business successes.

The approach is based

on a strong methodological and animation know-how

It is supported by a main consultant, Anthony Garin, and an associated network of associated of consultants with complementary skills.

The environnements change, the challenges multiply and diversify but my ambition is unchanged: to support you and to offer you the keys to success of your projects. 

Over 20 years 
of expérience,

November 26, 2012: the birth of Evolessi Conseil.

Inspired by what I have seen and practiced at IBM Global Services, Silicomp AQL and Orange Consulting and their clients, I create my own consulting activity with the axiom: 9 good practices for successful projects.

At the outset, Evolessi Conseil was born out of the desire to facilitate collaborations between business departments and the IT and digital sphere (department of internal information systems, IT subcontracting companies, integrators, etc.), two universes with difficulties in understanding each other and making the projects in which they are involved converge.

By totaling more than 20 years of experience, it is a hundred projects that I supported in various fields of activity: energy, water, insurance, industry, agri / agro, telecom, transport, luxury, communities . On projects related to organizational changes, the creation of new customer services, the implementation of IT solutions, in France and abroad, but also on industrial, building or event projects.

All these experiences have allowed me to develop a robust methodology, adaptable to all contexts, highly equipped to manage a project, animate it and make it a real collective success for all participants.

Succeed serenely

transformation projects

Evolessi Conseil is now helping its customers in an even more global way than at its beginnings, SMEs, mid-cap companies, large groups and associations, to prepare a ground which allows people to work better together and to successfully achieve transformation projects, to for sure.

By staying on standby and constantly drawing inspiration from the latest managerial trends and innovation, the Evolessi Conseil methodology and modus operandi evolve on the fly, for ever more efficiency at the service of its customers and of the complexity of the situations they encounter.

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